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Cushioned yoga mat for sore knees, My Comfort Mat

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I really want to continue to do yoga, and this Comfort Mat has made it so much more enjoyable for me to do my practice.

Judy Duffy

Greatest mat ever!!!
Bought another for one of my friends. Will recommend always!!!

Dina D.

I had bilateral knee replacement last August. I won’t have to carry the knee pad around and then constant reposition it during practice.

Marion M.

I bought My Comfort Mat for the additional padding for my knees. The additional padding is great and it doesn't interfere with my practice. The lines on the mat help me with my alignment! I love My Comfort Mat!

Julie Smith

I received it and I love it! So glad I saw your ad.

Toni B.

Amazing!! Helps so much with knee and wrist pain.


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