Your comfort is our mission.

Karen Eidem, Owner

How the mat came to be.

When she was young, our founder Karen Eidem (a native of Ecuador) went on spiritual trips around the globe with her family. She absorbed teachings from various cultures, philosophies, and religions - exercise was a common thread that many cultures included in their daily routines.

Fast forward 20 years- Karen left a standard career in finance and payroll, to embark on a journey to become a yoga instructor. Something was pulling her back to exercise, and helping people exercise, and it took a few more years to realize this was something engrained in her from years before.

Through her years of teaching, it was clear many clients had sore knees, arthritis, tender joints, recovering from a surgery, the list goes on. It seemed like a problem to be solved to help her community.

The end result? A yoga & fitness mat that blends cushion and padding to provide relief, while still providing balance for postures.

Let the fun begin!

Karen Eidem with family - My Comfort Mat

Our commitment.

We think about yoga and exercise differently. No egos. No perfect poses. Our products are designed for those who simply enjoy movement and activity, but desire more comfort.

  • We are committed to help those who seek to attend more exercise classes, stretch at home, or get back into the flow after an injury.
  • We are committed to reinforcing the true health benefits of exercise.
  • We are committed to help our clients continue on with exercise as long as they possibly can.

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Karen Eidem, Owner - My Comfort Mat

Your practice doesn't need to be perfect, but it should be comfortable.