What is My Comfort Mat?

It is a hybrid yoga & fitness mat - it has an overall comfortable and cushioned feel to the mat, and a section of added padding in the middle where you typically place your knees or joints. It is made out of a TPE material that provides just enough extra cushion, and still allows balance.

You can use our mat in place of rolled up towels, double matting, or a separate cushion pad.

  •  4mm thickness of mat, 14mm thickness of mat padding
  • 25" wide x 72" long
  • Lightweight to carry, with total weight of 2 pounds
  • Can be rolled or folded for carrying

Who would use it?

Many struggle with sore knees, tender joints, are recovering from a surgery, or feel uncomfortable standing or kneeling in postures for extended periods of time. Some have quit yoga or exercise due to some sort of pain, or no longer enjoy the benefits of exercise (we want to change that!).

What is your return / exchange policy?

Our return policy is 60 days, no questions asked. If you are not happy by day 60, you can return/exchange your mat for free.

How it works - send us a note here and provide us with your order date and time, along with your name, and we will send you the return label and credit.

Or - you can call us at (618) 406-6776.

Please note, if you have already enrolled in the Try Before You Buy program, you are not eligible for the 60 day return policy after that 20-day trial period.

Where is the mat sold?

Mats are sold through this website primarily - they ship from South Dakota, so most people receive the mat in 3-4 days. We have the mat in some retail/studio locations, ask us for more specifics.

How should I clean the mat?

Wipe down the mat with your favorite solution- make sure the solution does not contain alcohol which can break down the material and/or screen print. Do not soak the mat in water or solution.

Which way should I roll my mat?

Our recommendation is to roll the mat with the top side facing out, this will help keep the edges of the mat from flipping up, and helps the padded portion lay flat upon use. It may take a few minutes for the padded portion to completely lay flat- this is normal for the material.

You can also carry the mat folded versus rolling.

I’ve seen some wrinkles in the mat, what should I do?

We have designed the material to be extra “cushy” for comfort (similar to memory foam), but this can cause the mat to possibly show wrinkles, bubbles, or dents if the mat is stored for longer periods of time. Simply let the mat sit flat and wrinkles will decrease over time.

Can we order in larger quantities for our studio or establishment to receive a discount?

Yes, please reach out to us via chat, e-mail at info@mycomfortmat.com, or phone to discuss the options. Contact us here.

Can I stop reading this information, and go join my friends for some yoga now?

Yes, please do. Have fun!