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 About Us

Our founder Karen Eidem released My Comfort Mat in July 2019. The idea came after her 10 years as a yoga instructor, and noticing an drastic increase of clients dealing with joint discomfort, knee pain, arthritis, injury recoveries, and more. Almost all mats existing on the market claim to provide cushion and support, but very few actually help.

The Product

The My Comfort Mat hybrid yoga and fitness mat is unique - it is made of a special TPE material that is only 4mm thick, but provides a "squishy, yet firm" feel that provides more cushion. It also includes a section of extra padding (14mm thick) in the mid-section of the mat, where you place knees, wrists, joints, etc.

The mat is designed specifically for users that have sore knees, and tender joints- and need more support. It is used for a host of exercises, such as yoga, pilates, stretching, pregnancy poses, cross fit, and more.

 Why write a story?

There are plenty of yoga and fitness mats on the market - probably too many. However, almost none focus on a growing demographic of active users in their later life (i.e. beyond 40's) that need to continue to exercise to maintain flexibility, reduce joint discomfort, and maintain muscle function.

Our core client is also one with a "normal" body type, not one you may see on a social media advertisement. We have a commitment to comfort, and well-being, not having a perfect body or exercise routine.

The mat is routinely used for home exercise, and we are seeing it grow in popularity recently due to a renewed focus on at-home fitness exercise and equipment.

 Facts Our purpose
Our purpose Facts on yoga, arthritis, and more