Try Before You Buy.

Interested in trying our mat? We will ship one directly to your home, try it for 20 days.

With many of us transitioning to a home-based practice, we hope this new Try Before You Buy program will help get our mat in the hands of those interested in maintaining their exercise routine, and relieving stress.
Plus, what better way to be happy with your purchase than to touch and feel the product (and it's fun to try new things!).
You have 20 days to test the mat.
We are confident you will enjoy the "cushy" feel of our mat, along with the padded section for your knees, wrists, and joints, while still being able to maintain balance and postures.

Here are the steps:

Step 1.
Choose your mat preference, add to your Cart, and go to the Cart page.
(please note, only 1 mat per customer can be sent).
Select Pay Later from the drop down menu, see image below.

Pay later example
Step 2.
Click the Check Out button, and complete the check out process by entering your shipping details. Your mat will arrive in a few days. Keep all the original packaging.

Purchase example
Step 3.
Carefully test out your new mat. It's fun to compare the feel vs. a traditional mat. You have 20 days to try it.

Test drive

Step 4.
After 20 days, you will receive an e-mail and link to complete your payment through our website. You will pay the current retail price.
You can ship the mat back to us at any time if it's not right for you.

Feel free to contact us, or message us to chat, if you have more questions!

Note, only 1 mat can be sent per e-mail / customer.
Our 60-day return policy would not apply after the 20-day test drive period ends.
You are responsible for shipping the mat back to My Comfort Mat.
Please send back in good condition, if possible, so we can donate any used mats.